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almost 3 years ago

Test Your Model with New Scenes

As the deadline approaches, it's important to test your project to ensure it is ready for judging!

This week we've added three new scenes to the FireDrone API, each one bringing a unique set of challenges. You can use these scenes to test the abilities of your fire detection models.

The scenes include:

- Misleading Scene (22) - This is a beautiful sunset (also real). Unfortunately, it looks a lot like fire in the sky. Will test the ability of your model to identify context.

- Large Street Fire Scene (23) - A large street fire in a city. The fire has a complex structure which blends with some smoke patterns.

- City Fire with Smoke Scene (24) - An area of a city engulfed in flames. One large fire and several smaller ones can be spotted. Some smoke gets direct sunlight and might be misclassified as flames.

Keep up the good work - we can't wait to see your solutions!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.